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The Lifestyle Screens garage screen door occupies the same footprint as your permanent garage door when the Lifestyle screen is in the vertical, in-use, or down position. Either the Lifestyle screen or the permanent garage door can be in the down position but not both.

When the Lifestyle Screens garage door screen is in the horizontal or stored position it lies in under the garage door and is held there in the independent tracks on which the rollers move. Both the Lifestyle screen and the permanent garage door may be in the horizontal position at the same time.

The following video teaches you how to measure for the size of the screen that will work with your garage door and which you may want to purchase. The video also shows you what obstructions you should look for and what types of garage systems are incompatible with the Lifestyle Screens garage screen door.


  • Be sure to measure the backside of your garage door (i.e. from the inside of the garage);
  • The Lifestyle garage screen does not work with low headroom style tracks. This style of track system is recognized by its 2 horizontal tracks.