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Motorized Patio & Garage Screens

Motorized Patio & Garage Screens


Motorized Screens are the perfect way to create pest-free living space inside virtually any covered opening. Available to span openings up to 21' wide and opening heights up to 14'.  Motorized Screen features a continuous closed-loop zipper system that rides inside of an aluminum adjustable track to keep the screen in the track even in breezy conditions.

The weather-resistant aluminum housing is tough enough to withstand the most extreme temperatures and is available in four popular colors. It is also available with a variety of screen mesh and clear vinyl material.

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Our design and product features provide the best insect, solar, and foul weather defense! The screen mesh allows you to enjoy the cool breeze, but when foul weather approaches, you can simply roll down the vinyl to be protected from the elements! Optional Features Include: • Obstacle Detection • Manual Override • Home Automation

Elevating Indoor Living Spaces

Elevate your living environment with Motorized Screens, offering an impeccable solution for pest-free indoor spaces across a wide range of covered openings. Spanning up to 21' in width and accommodating heights of up to 14', Motorized Screens redefine versatility and functionality.

Motorized Screens' Advanced Features

Constructed from weather-resistant aluminum housing, our product exemplifies durability, capable of enduring even the most extreme temperatures. With a selection of four popular colors, our housing seamlessly integrates with any aesthetic preference.

Redefining Indoor Living Standards

The Motorized offers versatility beyond compare. Choose from an array of screen mesh materials to suit your specific needs, or opt for clear vinyl material for enhanced visibility and protection. Experience unparalleled quality and customization with our Motorized series.

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    Very professional, took exception care to install properly. Excellent product and installation. Left everything clean.

    Frances F

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    This was absolutely the best customer service I have ever received. Also the most professional and knowledgeable staff.

    Cliff l

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    We love our newly installing retractable garage screen. Installers were on time, professional and friendly. Enjoyed having them at our home.

    Mary W

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